Windows 10 installer folder cleanup free. How to Safely Perform a Windows Installer Folder Cleanup [5 Ways] [Partition Manager]

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Windows 10 installer folder cleanup free

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Windows 10 leaves behind lots of unnecessary files on your system after it’s installed typically windows 10 installer folder cleanup free over 20 GB. Here’s how to safely clean them out with a few clicks. After Windows 10 installs, it leaves behind a folder called Windows. That folder contains your old operating system. It’s left on your PC in case you want to revert back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 after installing Windows You’ll find the folder underneath your new Windows folder for Windows If you windows 10 installer folder cleanup free want to revert to your old operating system, though, it’s just wasted space, and lots windows 10 installer folder cleanup free it.

So you can delete it without causing problems on your system. You can’t delete it like any folder, though. Instead, you’ll have to use Windows 10’s Disk Cleanup tool. To run it, type Disk Cleanup in the search bar, and then click the Disk Cleanup program entry that appears. Click “Clean up system files,” and the tool examines your system for files to clean. After a short while it shows you a list of all the files it can clean for you.

Scroll down to “Previous Windows installation s and you’ll see windows 10 installer folder cleanup free much space your Windows. In my case it’s Check the box next to it if you want to delete it, and then click OK. If you do that, of course, you won’t be able to revert to your old operating system. You have only 30 days from the date of your Windows 10 installation to revert to it. It’s expected that Windows itself will delete the folder after 30 days. There’s more you can clean up as well.

Check the box next приведу ссылку “Temporary Windows Installation Files” to delete installation files you no longer need. In my case, that’s 3. So I was able to clean out more than 31 GB of files with a few clicks. Читать больше are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out.

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Windows 10 installer folder cleanup free

I’m running Windows 10 – 64 bit 20H2 (OS Build ). through a free software SpaceSniffer and found a huge installer folder. Method 3: Run Disk Cleanup Disk Cleanup is a built-in utility on Windows devices. It can help you clean up system files safely. It is a free. To run it, type Disk Cleanup in the search bar, and then click the Disk Cleanup program entry that appears. Click “Clean up system files,” and.


Installer and WinSxS folder huge size – Microsoft Q&A


Because prices for larger capacity drives are still quite expensive, many users have smaller capacity drives. Do note that the Windows Installer folder has a hidden and system attribute. Others might be from software you have uninstalled or old versions that have since been replaced. Those files should be no longer needed and can be deleted.

The problem is identifying them because just deleting any MSI or MSP file is a bad idea as приведу ссылку could be required for updating, patching, or uninstalling existing applications. Below is an MSP file from an old installation of Microsoft Office even though that version of Office was uninstalled from the system some time ago.

Patch Cleaner is specifically designed to clean redundant files from the Installer folder and the tool actually took its inspiration from this windows 10 installer folder cleanup free article!

Attribution to Windows 10 installer folder cleanup free. Both portable and installer versions are available. Simply launch the tool and it will run a scan and show the results in the window of what has been found. The files still used result is what it believes should be kept and the orphaned files are what can be removed because they are no longer required by any installed software. That way, windows 10 installer folder cleanup free you run into a problem, you still have a backup as this process is by no means foolproof.

Use the Browse button to locate a destination folder. Patch Cleaner requires. NET Framework 4. NET versions include it. One of the old tools windows 10 installer folder cleanup free could do this was MsiZap which was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft discontinued both MsiZap and Msicuu some time ago after saying they were causing too many issues, but many users still use MsiZap with some success.

The G command tells the program to remove any orphaned cached Windows Installer data files. While testing we got an error on больше информации Windows 7 and XP similar to the following although it did say it had cleared some orphaned files out. MsiZapInfo: Performing operations for user S Removing orphaned cached files. Error enumerating Products key for S user. Error: 6. All the entries that sata driver windows 10 in the window are orphaned files and manually check the boxes for what you want to delete.

Although it has no option to automatically select all files for deletion, you can use the Shift key to multi-select, i. It would have been useful if this windows 10 installer folder cleanup free offered an to backup the unused files instead of deleting them in case of any potential problems. Note the website is in Japanese. Download WICleanup. Heath Stewart over at blogs.

I used Patch Cleaner on my Windows 8. This week I noticed that I was no longer receiving updates for Office On my Windows 10 machine with Office8 updates were installed. I manually downloaded these 8 individual Office updates released in August вот ссылка, and tried to install them offline.

After some searching I remembered having run Patch Cleaner. So I reverted the machine back to the state before running Patch Cleaner, and ran Windows Update again. Now all 10 Office updates from July and August did show up in the list of available patches. My opinion: Patch Cleaner may have recovered 6 GB of storage, but it did more harm than good. This was awesome.

Only 6 files were needed. This helped. Every time I try to windows 10 installer folder cleanup free Patch Cleaner, I get an error message that setup cannot continue until all system components have been successfully installed.

Patch Cleaner is the obvious solution here. I freed up If so, then it should be safe to delete them permanently! Great article, thank you! Used WiCleanup along with WiMsps. Whilst WiCleanup identified all of the potential files, it also had those on the list which WiMsps said to keep. It takes a bit of time, but worth the effort. I managed to free up 25GB of space. Thanks for google chrome windows 10 32 bit info.

I went with WICleanup. I have been fighting with low disk space for months. I had 40 gig in the installer folder. Lots of clicking but I have windows 10 installer folder cleanup free to work now. Windows version failed on installation. WiCleaner windows 10 installer folder cleanup free flawlessly.

Cleaned up 29 GB in 10 minutes. Thank you for your informative article! Thank you very much sir, really good and helpful article with clear instructions.

I found unused files taking up 50,8GB …imagine, I had to hit yes and ok for every single file to get rid of it! Absolutely worth it! Many thanks.

My experience mirrored that of Maros. Very helpful and straightforward instructions. Thank you. Lol I like how the main article has no mention of Patch Cleaner, but the comment ссылка на продолжение have hijacked it by only talking about Patch Cleaner.

Patch Http:// was actually only in development for about 9 months. PatchCleaner worked like a charm, 20 GB cleaned. I moved the files to windows 10 installer folder cleanup free external hard drive just in case but damn!

WICleanup was a rather awkward and clunky to use, but it definitely did find a lot of orphan files on my machine and allowed me to delete them.

Thanks for this article. Читать статью Cleaner found 45 GB of orphans! Why all the cumbersome solutions? Your solution is vastly more cumbersome than all of these, they are free and only take a matter windows 10 installer folder cleanup free seconds to find what they are looking for. Your solution is paying for software and then waiting an hour for it to complete its task!

After using Patch Cleaner be prepared for an extremely long boot. I think mine is busy now for half an hour or so, though not stuck yet…. I have had to really scour my brain to remember all my old VAX commands when using the command prompt, so any suggestions will be most gratefully received.

For nearly a year I have been working with a margin of about 3 GBs of windows 10 installer folder cleanup free on my hard drive, it was so frustrating! To have this problem solved is fantastic. Total disk usage was 61 GB, meaning over half my files were garbage!!! Good job Patch Cleaner! After doing some research, I realised that the Windows Installer sub-folder was the main culprit 28GB in size! However, it took me hours of research and banging my head against a brick wallbefore stumbling across the positive feedback here for PatchCleaner.

I was absolutely amazed! Before, the sub-folder was 6GB in size but is now slightly over MB. Now, I have just under 60GB of available space. They are not duplicates. Delete one the other disappears. Patch Cleaner. It cleans the windows installer directory with one easy click. Patch Cleaner has found Fingers crossed my laptop will continue to work properly.

I manually looked at the properties for a number of them and they are for programs that are listed as installed, and truly are installed. I would NOT use it. MSIZap has similar problems, so be careful. Used PatchCleaner today to free 32 GB of a total 39,4 GB in my windows installer folder moved to windows 10 installer folder cleanup free backup drive. What is left corresponds to installed applications. PatchCleaner was very user friendly and worked like a charm used version 1.


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