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Zerto’s Virtual Replication solution automates disaster recovery implementation, management and testing. It replicates at the hypervisor level, ensuring additional control, cost savings and flexibility on traditional storage solutions. Zerto provides a unique approach to disaster recovery. Its hypervisor-based remote replication solutions provide the granularity that complex modern enterprise infrastructures require without affecting flexibility, operation simplicity, performance and scalability.

Zerto provides a single platform for cloud data management and protection. Zerto replication is available for hybrid, private and public clouds and is centrally managed, multi-tenant, multi-site and technology agnostic. Furthermore, the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform is based on Virtual Replication and focuses on continuity across hybrid, on-premises and public cloud environments.

It acts as an extension of Virtual Replication and enables you to support your current and future virtual infrastructures. This ensures you have everything they need to protect your cloud infrastructure in one simple and scalable platform. Zerto backup and Zerto replication solutions are purpose-built for tier-one applications on virtual infrastructures. This makes Virtual Replication the only solution to combine block-level, application-constant data protection with near-continuous replication across hosts and storage.

Zerto disaster recovery also separates applications from physical constructs at a data protection level. Zerto’s solutions are designed to be simple to install and use, making them ideal for use in cloud infrastructure and data centers.

They’re also fully protocol and vendor agnostic, protecting users’ data from external sources. Zerto Cloud offers a wide range of benefits for enterprises across all industries. Its key features and benefits include:. Zerto disaster recovery provides an industry-leading service that significantly reduces data loss and downtime in the event of disruptions like hardware failures and natural disasters.

This enables you to manage, protect, and recover all critical digital assets, from multi-VM applications to single servers and whole clusters, regardless of whether you recover to secondary sites, the public cloud, or managed service providers. Zerto backup transforms the traditional concept of creating copies every 12 to 24 hours by providing ongoing, continuous backups every five to 15 seconds. Zerto uses Continuous Data Protection CDP rather than snapshots, which ensures it doesn’t affect production and means you don’t need to worry about backup windows.

Therefore, you can enjoy instant recovery of files, folders, and VMs, which provides constant protection against ransomware and accidental deletions. Zerto data backup and recovery offers advanced data mobility and migration options that enable you to quickly and seamlessly move applications and data. This is ideal for situations like data center consolidations, going through mergers and acquisitions or on-ramping to the cloud.

Zerto’s fully orchestrated platform lets you speed up migrations from different hypervisors and to or from the public cloud and back again without being locked into specific clouds or platforms. One continuous software experience for disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility for on-premises and cloud. Zerto has been recognized for our ability to execute and our completeness of vision in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report! Get to the next level of ransomware resilience with enhancements for recovery, security and multi-platform support.

Learn how IT leaders are approaching cloud-first strategy and cloud-based DR, malware and ransomware attacks and more! Automated disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility to help you achieve your IT goals. Eliminate manual processes to recover, migrate, failover, and test with simple, automated, and intuitive orchestration. Accelerate your IT initiatives and focus on the business needs. Consolidate your tools for backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility using a single, software-only platform.

Continuously protect, move, and recover enterprise applications and data at scale to, from and within any cloud. No more snapshots. Failover, move, and test in a few clicks without impact to production. Automate testing and compliance reporting, and perform seamless migrations. Get powerful monitoring and visibility for workload planning. Confidently monitor recovery SLAs while forecasting future infrastructure needs to another site or the cloud.

Easy implementation, deployment, and management of thousands of VMs with one experience and interface across on-premises and cloud. Flexibility to fit into any infrastructure with a software-only approach. No vendor lock-in , and no additional hardware or appliances required. Non-disruptive DR testing, any time, with ready-made compliance reporting. Scale out architecture built for the enterprise with seamless infrastructure mobility and automated configuration designed to maximize availability and minimize data loss.

Disaster recovery, backup, data mobility, and migrations. Zerto for Kubernetes is a new disaster recovery and backup solution born to meet the emerging needs of next-generation, cloud-native applications. Zerto brings continuous data protection to virtualized environments, delivering one single, simple recovery experience for all applications with RPOs of seconds.

Eliminate gaps and recover all dependencies to the exact same point in time. Recover complete applications on-premises or in the cloud. Protect Enterprise applications that span multiple VMs, hosts, datastores or even storage systems. Coordinate both the state of the data and the application as one cohesive unit. Granular Recovery : Recover single components from within a protection group such as a VM, individual file or folder.

Automated Application Recovery : Pre-configure boot-order, network and IP address configuration to assure successful and fast recovery of entire application stacks. No Agents, No Snapshots : Support applications at any scale and never impact production. Inconsistent protection recovers applications and virtual machines to different times, resulting in inconsistent and unreliable recovery.

For example, with snapshot-based backup, virtual machines are backed up within a five-hour backup window. This means that each individual machine may recover to a point in time up to 5 hours apart from the rest. This ensures simple and consistent recovery as you can simply recovery an entire Protection Group with only a few clicks. Simple and intuitive interface to get started.

Confidence in application recovery to a consistent state. Company in Services Industry.



Platform Overview – What is Zerto Platform? – Zerto

This means that each individual machine may recover to a point in time up to 5 hours apart from the rest.


What Is Zerto Backup and Disaster Recovery? – WWT


Zerto is solving challenges faced by business and IT leaders, system admins, and DevOps teams managing virtualized and cloud environments. Based on a foundation of continuous data protection.

Enterprise scale for large production environments. Delivers simplicity through automation and orchestration. Everything you need for disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility. It is very hard to keep track of everything and making sure we are always up and running. There is never enough time or enough of me! With just a few clicksmove single VMs or entire applications.

Easily spin up environments for testing and patching purposes. Get single pane-of-glass visibility across your entire environment. Reduce IT complexity and optimize resources by converging DR and backup. Plan application needs and test migration or recovery scenarios with no по ссылке on production.

Minimize data loss and downtime with ease from threats like ransomware and other disruptions. How can we ensure maximum business resilience while keeping costs down and freeing up resources to support our strategic initiatives?

What is zerto application – what is zerto application zrto availability and deliver always-on customer experience. Transform your IT with a future-proof solution that supports your business continuity plan. Streamline your operations and give time back to what is zerto application – what is zerto application teams to focus on modernization and innovation.

Zerto is based on a foundation what is zerto application – what is zerto application continuous data protection CDP. We bring together disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Benefit from a single, unified, and automated recovery and data management experience across all virtualized or container-based workloads. Easily failover single VMs or entire datacenters. Instant local recovery from seconds-old copies.

Simplify compliance with easy archiving. Migrate applications with ease and without risk. Build and test using near-exact replicas of production. Stamp out ransomware and stay protected. Whether recovering to a secondary site, the public cloud, or a managed service provider, Zerto gives you the confidence to protect, manage, and recover all your critical digital assets.

Local continuous backup with Zerto takes the old what is zerto application – what is zerto application paradigm and flips it on its head: instead of copies made every 12 or 24 hours, Zerto makes always-on backups on an ongoing basis every seconds. Zerto makes it dead simple to meet your regulatory or legal requirements: send data to the cloud or the purpose-built storage appliance of your choice for retention microsoft office windows 10 free download months or years.

These long-term copies can be taken from local backups or DR replicas, are done on a schedule of your choice, and can be stored wherever makes most sense for your business.

In it for the long haul? Use cost-effective cloud tiering to move LTR copies from hot to cold to deep freeze storage for data you want to keep but only infrequently access. Need to move back later? Use Zerto to quickly rewind to a point in time just prior to the infection and restore your unencrypted files and VMs. That granularity of seconds also enables on-demand sandboxes that are ideal for post-incident forensics, analysis, or proactive scanning.

Even pen-testing is made simpler when production replicas can be hammered with no impact to the live systems. The Zerto Platform delivers cloud data management and protection with a simple, scalable platform built for virtualized and container-based environments running on-premises or in the cloud.

Zerto delivers numerous benefits to IT organizations managing data and applications on-premises or in the cloud. We integrate with key global partners and support many others as well. Blazing a path to deliver an uninterrupted world for all technology users, consumers, and businesses. Learn how Spirit Airlines built a business strategy to ensure resilience and geo-diversity for its complex IT infrastructure and systems to withstand qhat disasters. The what is zerto application – what is zerto application is phenomenal.

They continually add new things, more plugins, and modifications to the way things work. It just zrrto better as they go. It just what is zerto application – what is zerto application, and it was easy to do. And that, for me, is the brilliance. Alan Barret, Head of IT. TWM Solicitors. It gives me the comfort blanket i need.

Not having to worry about Backup, DR, fail-over or fail-back is a huge relief. Each of our tests have been successful over the past 8 years. IT Director. Services Industry. IT Support. Insurance Company. The Easy Button for Disaster Recovery.

It does a better job than VMware and Microsoft together. Marian Lakov, Enterprise Architect. Transportation Company. We have been customers applicatiln many years and have seen applicagion product grow every year. Have a question about our product zegto capabilities? Contact uswe are here to help! Get a tailored demo and ask as many questions you want. Want to give Zerto a try?

Get a free day license по ссылке access to our on-demand labs. Fill out a quick form and discuss нажмите чтобы увидеть больше goals with our team. One Platform, One Experience. Platform Highlights. System Administrator.

Backup, Recovery applicarion Data Mobility Solved. Disaster Recovery Easily failover single VMs or entire datacenters. Continuous Backup Instant local recovery from seconds-old copies. Long-Term Retention Simplify compliance with easy archiving. Data Mobility and Migrations Application applications with ease and without risk. Test and Development Build and test using near-exact replicas of production.

What is zerto application – what is zerto application and Compliance Stamp out ransomware and stay protected. Disaster Recovery. Learn More. Continuous Backup. Long-Term Retention. Data Mobility and Migrations. Test and Development. Security and Compliance. The Zerto Platform: Overview. Key Highlights. Continuous Data Protection. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Agility. Protect to, from, and between clouds Simple migration from on-premises Easily leverage native cloud services. Simplicity at Scale. Built-in orchestration and automation Multi-site analytics across platforms Unified experience no whzt the cloud.

Hardware, hypervisor, and cloud agnostic No physical appliances Future-proof. Take a Deeper Dive. Learn more about the Zerto platform. Integration with Top Technology Partners. See All Partners.

Leading the Industry. Customers in 80 countries. Read Analyst Reports. See How Zerto Compares.

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