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Capture One has announced Capture One 22 The new update is available now and includes many new features and improved performance.

In March, Capture One shared its roadmap for , and promised improvements to its software’s efficiency, flexibility and mobility. Some of these promises are fulfilled in version It’s always rewarding to see the marks of progress, but I’d be remiss not to mention it’s also an exciting time.

With wireless tethering on Sony, Capture One 22 When tethered with Canon cameras, you can control where to save your images. You can save to card, computer or both. The new Magic Eraser offers similar functionality as the Magic Brush. You can use it to remove parts of masks on similar areas, including sky and skin. You can link the Magic Eraser to the Magic Brush if needed.

The redesigned Tool Panel is ‘easier and more predictable,’ including bigger icons, labels which can be turned off , rearranged tools, and customization options. Cloud Transfer allows you to import into Capture One Pro images that are on the cloud on the iPad app, which is not yet available. The iPad app will be available on June For additional information, visit Capture One. I had an embarrassing photoshoot yesterday. I was doing a headshot session using C1 Pro with Everything going smoothly until about the 10th shot when suddenly my tethered photos began looking like cartoons.

Faces were elongated and stretched. Bodies were twisted. Panic set in. Tried everything I could think of. Then checked my SD cards and thank you the images were there and accurate. Never seen anything like it before. On several C1 forums, a number of people myself included have reported that C1 doesn’t work after the upgrade. It complains about an “unknown error” in the database when opening a catalog or session and will not run.

The C1 application. This left my C1 inoperable and I had to find a copy of If you install I’ve found these extremely helpful and there are some C1 gurus on this site like Paul Steunebrink who seem to know practically everything about C1. I couldn’t find a way to disable saving to the camera memory card and only save to the computer, in order to speed up the transfer. I think im sticking with my current version for the foreseeable. It does everything i need it to.

Man, it’s just been disappointment after disappointment with Capture One. Why do they always have to do something completely random? These new icons just appear completely out of place, and even the ‘small’ icon mode needlessly results in an overflow menu. An overflow menu for tabs! Shouldn’t they have learned by now that you don’t just change the interface or dumb it down without a way to go back. Also the video shows the Cloud Transfer is just that and nothing more. It’s basically a manual backup and import.

It doesn’t even synchronize. Settings are copied over once, but change one thing and don’t bother switching devices again because you’ll have to start over. So what is a cloud-attached app even good for, isn’t that exactly the thing it’s supposed to do.. Select a folder to sync and it should just sync. No copying or importing.

That’s the expected service. Send them a feedback or participate in their forum, if enough people raise their voice they hopefully change it back or improve. Darn this Magic Brush is amazing!! Obviously depends on what you are using it for, but I used to create a mask layer using the brush and shift key to outline a rectangular object and fill it in.

This magic key does it so quick. Saves me so much time! Now I don’t need to move a slider to see the RGB readout. Magic eraser is a great addition too. I used to invert mask, use magic brush over the area to erase and then invert mask again. Each time I did this, I used to wonder why they couldn’t just make a Magic eraser! Ergo Adjusting the rotation through the slider was previously laggy on Mac without a powerful CPU incl.

Made it very painful to fine tune the rotation. I see they’ve now enabled hardware acceleration for rotation, which makes it a lot smoother. I been using a magic brush before, guess magic erase is just the opposite, the ai erase. Otherwise, it was manual erase before. Just downloaded and the biggest difference is the icon rearranged a little. I think the magic brush was a bigger deal and was added before,, not sure what version.

Upgraded my Fuji Express on Windows It couldn’t find my catalogue and I had to create a new one just to get it to load completely. Now it crashes to the fault report for no apparent reason. To the right of the arrow for extending the tools for instance is a three vertical dot symbol, if I click on that it just crashes completely. I have reported this, waiting for response. Darn, I shouldn’t have updated. The new tools tab is a productivity killer.

Way too big icons, not enough space for the tool tabs. Now I always need to use a menu to access my most used tools. There’s space for 4 tabs I lost 3, over a whole day of working the loss of focus easily kills up to an hour of productivity over a whole working day within the program.

No idea why this is done, the old icons were perfectly fine. They have been changed to match the iPad icons, but can be changed back to the old icons, if you want to. It was explained and shown in the C1 video introducing the changes. Thanks but no, you can’t change it back, you can only remove the text then they are smaller but still lager than the old ones and they are horrible to distinguish.

I feared that was the reason, matching touch and screen interface always ends bad for one of the two. Fair enough, I didn’t listen to this properly, but you can still load the previous icons by using the C1 provided legacy workspace option. Unfortunately that works neither.

It just installs the tool tabs and tools according to how the user has customised them. The new icons will be used and since CaptureOne removed some Tool Tab types you end up with non functioning placeholders where the old tool tabs were. Of course I can do that but then I lose screen space, the picture I work on gets smaller.

While this might be less of an issue on a 30″ Screen it is a huge one on a Notebook, and the widely used 24″ Full HD Graphic Screens that are still the backbone of the industry. In understand. OK, I haven’t installed it yet, so just going on the release notes and the video.

Most people seem to be pleased with the change, but why not raise it as a suggestion with support. They have rolled back changes in the past.

They should add 10bit HEIF support before starting on working on any new fancy features, cameras supporting the HEIF format are now available for more than 2 years, if you count iPhones even longer 8bit though afaik. I cannot find one. I assume you’re referring to the RF Now I am still waiting for the RF 16mm profile, it’s such a nice little lens but it urgently needs some distortion correction I’m a fan of the updated interface; I wish they’d make the icons smaller again, but I like having the color tools in the same panel as the rest.

Yeah I figured that might have been possible, but it was such a minor thing that I never bothered even looking into it. Have been using the Express version for 1. I really hate LR and cannot really use it anymore. I have used C1 Express for 1. I bought a montly sub for LR, used it for a while. C1 generates previews much faster after importing couple thousand images, and even after preview generation, LR still loads the images much slower compared to C1.



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